Paradise Valley Mall

Paradise Valley Mall is one of the best shopping malls in northeastern Phoenix, Arizona. The Shopping mall is owned by Macerich Company. It is situated in 4568 E Cactus Rd, Paradise valley Phoenix, AZ 85032, USA.  Its name Paradise Valley is the same name of the town of Paradise valley (an urban village of phoenix) but still it is almost 1.5 km to the north of the town. A circular street called Paradise Village Parkway is surroundings the Shopping mall. The circular street is enhancing the beauty look of mall.

The Shopping mall was opened in 1978. Paradise Valley Mall is known as the hub of Paradise Valley Village. Westcor, a leading shopping center developer built this beautiful shopping mall. Westcor was the original owner of the mall. Westcor is now owned by the Macerich Company. The mall was added to portfolio of the Macerich Company in 2002.

In the starting of mall, Dayton Hudson Corporation was the investor in the project. Later on Dayton Hudson Corporation adapted new name as Target Corporation. The Diamonds department store chain was owned by the early investor. The store was one of the original anchor tenants. Later on in 1998, a carousel was installed too.

Paradise Valley Mall is on west of Scottsdale. A significant part of the zone’s unique advancement was prodded by that community, in spite of the fact that the socioeconomics of Paradise Valley Town have directed to some degree throughout the years to be not so much upscale but rather more middle class. Amid the 1990s, new augmentations were developed, and shopping malls additionally opened on the ring streets. Paradise Valley Shopping center has a vast stop and-ride stop for Valley Metro transports. A raised rail station, as a feature of the 1989 ValTrans proposition, had been slated for construction here, but the submission was voted down.

Since the late 1990s, higher salary customers turned out to be more inclined to shop at more up to date facilities, for example, Kierland Hall and the Scottsdale Street/Frank to the point Lloyd Wright Road passage, which highlights control focuses that oblige upscale customers. This has brought Paradise Valley Mall retailers for example, Macy’s to convey less top of the line brand products and offer things more in accordance with a middle income client base.

Being the oldest mall in the area, the Mall has succeeded to attract young families and teenagers.  Macy’s, JC Penney and Dillard’s are the major retailers of the Paradise Shopping Mall and also Rio Salado Community College has its classrooms in the mall.

Today Paradise Valley Shopping center is a few circumstances its original size, with a gross leasable zone of 1,222,353 square feet (113,560.3 m2). The encompassing complex of stores has turned into a noteworthy territorial retail focus in Phoenix, drawing customers from all parts of the metropolitan region.